Top 10 Questions
To Ask Your Realtor

When it comes to buying or selling a home in the Okanagan, you need to start with the basics.

As excited as you might be, we’re going to answer this with a “no”. You want to get top dollar for your property and selling on the first day means you may not be. People haven’t really had a chance to even see or hear about the fact that your home is for sale. The more people that view your home, the more likely you will find the person willing to pay the highest dollar. In a market as hot as it is right now, we recommend setting showing windows with a preset offer presentation time. Why leave money on the table when you don’t have to?

Taking care of the details, protecting your interests, setting you up for success - this is the difference between speed and service. 

When it comes to the real estate industry, ask yourself whether you want a sales person? Or a service provider?

A sales person will do everything in their power to get the deal done and get everyone paid as quickly as possible. A service provider will focus on meeting your needs. They’ll put your needs ahead of a sale, ensuring they are satisfied in both the short and long term.

That depends on your needs and your home. Every home is unique and has its own challenges and benefits. There are three approaches to selling your home.

1. Pricing your house really, really high; the hope here is that someone will buy it. This approach is one to be skeptical of - it could mean the realtor is saying an unnecessary price to win the listing or may be using the listing to market themselves.

2. Pricing it low; this approach usually means you are trying to start a bidding war and/or selling it as quickly as possible. (Only certain markets support this, and advertising is critical)

3. Market Pricing; the market is an industry/machine — pricing your home where the market demands allows the market to do the work for you. That means that you will attract a higher quality of potential buyers, your agent will have the ability to react to trends, and the listing will be in line with the current market.

Real estate agents are advisors. They have skills, experience, and education to guide you through the home selling process. They should not pressure you into making decisions, but rather provide you data and information to help you feel confident in the decision you do make. There should be transparency; you will know what they’re doing and they will be communicating with you regularly.

This is a great question to ask and we wish our clients asked us this question more often. Every client is unique and this question allows us a chance to fill in any gaps or bring up other relevant information. So be sure to ask your Realtor this exact question, and ask it a few times along your home-selling journey.

Build your Real estate team and take advantage of their real estate expertise. Take their advice, and marry it to your own wants and needs when looking for houses for sale. Lean on your realtor to help set your expectations and learn from their past successes (and misses).

Service and protection - a partnership. Anyone with an internet connection can find a house for sale. Your agent is not there to send you real estate listings; there are thousands of websites that do that. Your Realtor can of course bring house listings to the table, but more importantly, they are there to protect you during the purchase of your home, to offer you advice, to navigate the hurdles in getting to the negotiating table, and to get you the best deal possible.

Are they offering you advice and providing you information to help guide your decisions? Then they are working for you. There should be an absence of pressure but still communicate urgency when necessary. Your Realtor will keep you in the loop and let you know what next steps are, keeping open communication with you. They have asked and understand what you need/want, and bring solid advice to you to help with your house buying decision.

Actually, the first step is to build a team. That includes a mortgage broker and a Realtor. For those with a house to sell, it’s important to know what all your costs are. For those that are just looking to buy, it is important to know what kind of budget you’re working with. There’s nothing more discouraging than going into the market with unrealistic expectations, finding your dream home, and then finding out that it’s not feasible. Working with your mortgage broker first allows you to come into the market with tools and options in hand. Now you can include your realtor and start to examine houses for sale in your desired area and if applicable, how to position your own home for sale.

There are a lot of questions that can be asked. Is this the right time to buy a house? What’s happening in the real estate market? Have I limited myself in my options? Do I need to limit my options further? If I were to change one aspect of my house hunting (budget, location, features), what doors does that open? Your working relationship with a Realtor should be just that — working. Questions should be asked and answered throughout the home buying process.

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