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I'd have to say a favourite part about working with the Okanagan Lifestyle Group was them living up to and exceeding our expectations. 

I feel like that was probably my favourite part when everything was said and done and the smoke was settled. We were able to look at each other and be like, "Wow they really, they really did an amazing job." They went above and beyond consistently. 

What I looked for in a realtor was someone who listened and someone who adapted to that emotional rollercoaster. Because one minute you want one thing in the next minute, "Oh maybe not! What I really want is actually this!" and just them listening to that and adapting. Someone who adapts and and somebody who understands that making a home sale or a home purchase is one of the biggest decisions you can make in your life, and not putting any pressure on you. 

I feel like they were very empathetic to the situation and putting themselves in our shoes. I feel like they were really good at making us feel like they were holding our hand through this journey. 

I'd have to say the most important criteria when home shopping is making sure that: number one your wife is happy, number two is that it checks all the boxes when it comes to size, family, location. And we'd have to say that the home that we got from the Okanagan Lifestyle Group they checked all the boxes. 

I would certainly recommend Okanagan Lifestyle Group to a friend. I have recommended them and reviews each time that we did business with them. Katie's excellent, so is Brody. They're both fantastic. Hands down, I'd recommend them. As a team, they work so well together. They were there at our beck and call. They worked very hard. At two in the morning, 1:30 in the morning Omara was like, "Can we get a visit? Let's change the listings, this is what I want instead! Or can you look for that?" And they really accommodated us well. 

What I like about Kelowna compared to the last city that we lived in is the family atmosphere. We were very much living in hustle-bustle city life, lots of cement, pavement, buildings. So we appreciate the green, the trees, being near the lake, and it's good for our children growing up. Yeah, we have a five and a three-year-old, so we were actually in a downtown Vancouver apartment and just for us being out here, driving by horses every day, it's just a lifestyle change that we've completely accepted and love. It's the perfect place to raise your children. We love living out here. Yeah, we love our new home. We absolutely love our new home. Our kids love our new home as well we're very happy.

— Omara & Kimani, Kelowna

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