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Our favourite part about working with the Okanagan Lifestyle Group is honestly the friendship we made. That's beyond what I ever thought about when I was moving to the Okanagan, but we ended up making some great friends out of them. 

The contact that we still have, at least every two weeks we talk to Brody, his team. In fact, we've had him over at our place for supper many occasions and that's a great feeling to have. Not only did we find somebody that was honest and reliable, and found us what we wanted, but his family and extended family are exactly the same people as we are. 

How do we like our new home? We absolutely love it. Absolutely. I didn't think we would find such a home and a beautiful place. And the Okanagan Lifestyle Group showed us what we were missing out living out here, and they did that. It wasn't just showing us this house, he drove us around the community, drove us down to the lake, showed us everything that was at our hands, including the Spion Kopje trail, and everything that came with this beautiful area. It was the package that he found us. 

How do we like the Okanagan compared to where we lived prior to this? There's no comparison. Living in the Okanagan has changed our lifestyle. We came from the lower mainland and lived in Langley and North Delta and the suburbs and the busyness and just the workload and everything, it completely changed when we came here. We have family coming up every week, if not every second week and we love having them here. We enjoy the lake, we enjoy the wineries- our neighbours. Our neighbours are awesome. People take the time out for themselves here. It's not all about the business and the work and everything else.

What has changed? It's made us slow down, and appreciate what we have and the beautiful place we live in.

— Rick & Seema, Kelowna

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